Prepare Your Lawn for the Spring Season

Call for lawn seeding in Orlando, FL

Did you hate your lawn's appearance over the summer? If you want your lawn to be luscious and healthy next summer, you need to make moves right now. Seeding your lawn right now can do wonders for your curb appeal next spring.

Call LPM Landscaping and Irrigation Contractor for your lawn seeding service in Orlando, Florida. Our lawn maintenance specialists can bring the driest and patchiest lawns back to life. We'll seed your lawn correctly to ensure proper germination and growth. Contact us today for an appointment.

How will we seed your lawn properly?

Most homeowners choose to seed their lawns in the fall, and that's the right idea. In the fall, temperatures are cool enough to prevent dry-out, but the sun is still strong enough to help with germination. Call LPM today for service, and we will:

  • Turn the soil
  • Add sand and compost
  • Use a little fertilizer
  • Throw in the seeds
  • Rake them into the earth

Add water, and watch your lawn grow over the next few months. Preparation is key for seeding a lawn. You can trust our team to complete the task correctly. Bring your lawn back to life with LPM's seeding services in Orlando, Florida.